MAGA man angry at Target when he spots rainbow boy shirts (video)

A MAGA man is seething in the little boys' clothing section of Target, pointing out a dinosaur T-shirt that has been desecrated with rainbows. And that's not all. Other boy shirts on the same shelf are befouled with a truck picking up a rainbow, a shark enjoying the tropical life, and one that daringly sports a cloud playing with a rainbow hula hoop.

The angry gentleman comes to the natural conclusion that this evil marvel of nature — the rainbow — is "destroying masculinity."

"Guys, it's time to stand up to this wokeness, we need to stand up as parents and leaders and fathers," the frightened gentleman preached, taking his own stand by wearing a "God made…" shirt showing a dividing line between an illustrated man and woman. Perhaps a little boy's shirt featuring a truck buried in snowflakes would better suit him. (See video below, posted by Patriot Take.)

Image: Maridav /