Middle school mom decided the best way to win an argument was to threaten staff and bite a cop

An "unhappy" mom in Georgia got into an argument with her daughter's middle school staff and, assumedly, did not get her way. So she thought she'd try another strategy and hurl some threats, and when that also failed to bring her desired results, she resorted to hitting a school employee and even biting a police officer.

In the end, she still lost the argument and was carted off to jail.

From The Charlotte Observer:

"Unhappy" with what she was being told, school staff said the parent started to spew expletives and threats at them, according to a news release. She then stormed outside, where she was met by police.

"Outside of the school, the suspect continued to act loudly and boisterously, disrupting the school," officers said. "The suspect was informed she was under arrest for disorderly conduct and disruption of a public school."

A struggle ensued, during which police said the woman struck an employee and bit an officer. She was eventually arrested and booked into DeKalb County Jail [in Decatur].

She faces multiple charges including battery, obstruction of a police officer, disrupting public school, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school, police said.