Musk fancies himself an Ayn Randian superhero, so naturally, he'll blame others for Twitter's downfall

Elon Musk will be remembered as the John Galt of the 21st century. Not for being the brilliant thinker and philosopher like the hero portrayed in Ayn Rand's simplistic, tiresome melodrama, but for blaming his failures on the oppressive policies of a corrupt liberal government and a lazy society.

Writing for Every, David Karpf says Twitter will crumble after two ticking time bombs go off: employment lawsuits and fines issued by U.S. and EU regulators. A perfect excuse for Musk to absolve himself for mismanaging his company.

From Karpf:

My hunch is that the fines will be the final straw. When they come, Elon may seize on them as a life raft.

I suspect he'll declare bankruptcy and blame the regulators. He'll say something like: "I was THIS CLOSE to turning around this important, innovative company that is a threat to the mainstream media and all those crooked politicians. But then the liberal bureaucrats stepped in and fined the company out of existence! There's nothing I can do about it. Twitter is dead now. It all would've worked out if not for that meddling government."

If this comes to pass, certain corners of the internet would buy this tale—it has all the "right" villains. In this version of history, Elon Musk didn't burn Twitter to the ground. He almost saved Twitter, until he was foiled by the machinations of the professional managerial class.