Reward offered for return of 15-foot-tall spoon stolen from Phoenix Dairy Queen

I saw this story on April 1, and it took a little research to determine whether Dairy Queen was playing an April Fool joke on us. Turns out, it's real. Last week in Phoenix, someone stole a 15-foot-tall sculpture made to look like those red plastic spoons that Dairy Queen serves with its Blizzards and other frozen treats.

People explains:

According to owners Puja Kalra and Raman Kalra, it was a popular spot for customers to snap a photo. The Kalras expressed their concern for the missing spoon, which was stolen between late Friday night and early Saturday morning. After watching their surveillance video, the couple thinks the perpetrators had done this before.

AZ Central also explains that a $1000 cash reward is being offered for any information that leads to the arrest of whoever stole the spoon.

They go on:

Around 5:39 a.m. on March 25, 2023, at the Dairy Queen located at 5105 West Thomas Road, three individuals stole a $3,500 14-foot decorative red spoon from the front of the restaurant, according to police. The trio, police said, unbolted the installation's bottom and pulled its top away from its anchoring.

The theft also caused damage to the building, police said, though no dollar amount on those costs were provided.

Raman Kalra, co-owner of the DQ, was quoted by People, saying "This spoon is too big to eat anything," and also had a message for whoever took the spoon: "We want you to bring it back. We will not ask any questions." I do hope it gets returned soon!