Surveillance reveals customer's dirty trick to discredit boba tea shop by putting lint in drink

A customer's plot to discredit a Bay Area boba tea was foiled by surveillance footage. Watch as the Boba tea saboteur's sneaky tactics are exposed in this video. At around the 2-minute mark of the video, the seated gentleman in the lower left corner reaches into his pants pocket and sets what looks like a piece of lint on the table. He pushes the object through the drinking straw, then takes photos of the drink with his mobile phone. Shortly after that, a negative review for the Tea Hut in Milbrae appeared on Yelp.

The Tea Hut said on Instagram: "This guy left two reviews at two different locations. Luckily our camera caught what he did to this drink."

Either the guy is a malicious asshole, or he's getting paid by a rival boba tea shop looking to smear the competition. Someone should look into this.