Bugkiss will help you kiss tiny insects and more!

Here's a funny tool to help you kiss tiny bugs. It's called "Bugkiss," and has the tagline "Little Lips for Bug Lovin's." Here's a description of Bugkiss on the Legboot website:

I created a prototype product called Bugkiss. It is a small device with tiny lips on it, which can be used to kiss bugs without crushing them. If you are interested in helping make this product real, please sign up for email updates below! Let's go kiss some insects.

—Dr. Oscar Odum

The Bugkiss is brought to you by Legboot, a company that's a lot like Obvious Plant. The folks behind Bugkiss have been posting sweet and hilarious videos of the tiny lips in action. Here's a video called "Checking them off one by one. What should I kiss next?", which features a man wearing a Bugkiss, and using it to kiss all kinds of creatures, including a worm, grasshopper, ant, wasp, patent-leather beetle, mosquitos, and a snail. He tries to kiss a dragonfly, but it's too fast. He's also still looking for the Bugkiss holy grail, Steve Buscemi, who he hasn't found nor kissed yet. Legboot also recently posted this video, explaining how he made the Bugkiss prototype. Sadly, the Bugkiss isn't yet available for sale, but Legboot is creating a Kickstarter and hopes to have the Bugkiss for sale soon. Stay tuned, all of your bug kissing dreams are about to come true!


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