"Danger tourist" who said Brooklyn was more dangerous than Afghanistan captured by Taliban in Afghanistan

"Lord" Miles Routledge is a self-proclaimed "danger tourist" — a 20-something Brit who chronicles his travels on YouTube and achieved some viral notoriety for his journey to Afghanistan in 2021. Back in October 2022, he achieved a different level of viral notoriety by making thinly-coded racist comments about Brooklyn, New York:

Now, according to Sky News, Routledge is one of three British man currently being held in Taliban custody:

Three British men — including so-called "danger tourist" Miles Routledge — are being held in Taliban custody in Afghanistan.

The other two men are charity medic Kevin Cornwell and another unnamed UK national who manages a hotel in Kabul.

They are all believed to have been held by Taliban secret police since January in separate incidents.

A Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) spokesperson said: "We are working hard to secure consular contact with British nationals detained in Afghanistan and we are supporting families."

Afghanistan: Three British men being held in Taliban custody – including 'danger tourist' who returned after army evacuation [SkyNews]