Former jail guards busted for playing loop of "Baby Shark" song for hours to torture inmates

Former Oklahoma County jail guards Gregory Cornell Butler Jr. and Christian Charles Miles pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cruelty charges for punishing inmates by forcing them to stand handcuffed for long periods and subjecting them to the song "Baby Shark" played loudly on a loop for hours. Of course, music being used as torture is nothing new. Songs like the theme from Barney & Friends, a Meow Mix TV jingle, "Shaddap You Face," and various rock and metal tunes have been used as psy-ops in places like Waco, Panama, and, of course, Guantanamo Bay. Learn more about "torture soundtracks" here and here.

Butler Jr. and Miles were sentenced to probation, $200 fines, $300 compensation to the victims, and 40 hours of community service. They're also banned from taking jobs in law enforcement.

From The Oklahoman:

The criminal case centered on four victims, but investigators believe there were more.

One victim said he had to listen to "Baby Shark" for two hours straight, according to an investigative report. Another said the "weird little song" was blaring and played "over and over and over again."