Fugitive, once chief-of-staff to a Maryland governor, Roy McGrath shot dead by the FBI

Wanted on charges of embezzlement and wire fraud, Roy McGrath failed to show up for court last month and had been on the run. Spotted by FBI agents in Tennessee, the former chief-of-staff to former governor Larry Hogan of Maryland, McGrath was shot by an FBI agent, hospitalized, and later died of the wound.

McGrath's attorney continues to attest to his now-dead client's innocence.

CBS News:

Roy McGrath, the former chief of staff to ex-Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan who became a fugitive after failing to appear at trial on wire fraud and embezzlement charges last month, was killed in Tennessee on Monday, his lawyer told CBS News.

"The FBI has confirmed that Roy succumbed to the injuries inflicted earlier this evening," attorney Joseph Murtha said in a statement. "It is a tragic ending to the past three weeks of uncertainty. It is important for me to stress that Roy never wavered about his innocence."

McGrath was located by the FBI in a car in the Knoxville area around 6:30 p.m. local time, law enforcement sources previously confirmed to CBS News. During the arrest, an "agent-involved shooting" occurred, the FBI said in a statement.

"Agent-involved shooting" are some great weasel words.