LUSH introduces new SUPER MARIO-themed soap

With the new Super Mario Bros movie coming out this week, it should be no surprise that the franchise merchandising promotional motion is running at full speed. What is surprising, however, is that someone, somewhere had the idea to produce Super Mario Bros-themed … soap?

Cosmetics company LUSH has launched a whole line of new bath products inspired by two Italian-American plumbers who eat mushrooms to help them battle the evil mushroom footsoldiers of a tyrannical dinosaur, in order to save a monarchy of mushroom people (who are somehow sentient and evolved in ways that the evil mushroom goombas are not). These include the Mario Shower Gel:

Lashings of fresh pomegranate juice and Persian lime oil combine to create lathers of fruity cola fragrance. Soften your skin, and leave a pep in your step ready for a journey to the Mushroom Kingdom. Just watch out for those pesky pipes …

And the Luigi Shower Gel:

Green, clean (but never mean) this shower gel uses zesty orange oil and uplifting neroli to recreate the crisp scent of Luigi's home … the Big Apple! You will also find fresh apple juice alongside this fruity fragrance to add an extra dose of cleansing action.

As well as Princess Peach Body Spray:

One spritz of this juicy, uplifting fragrance will lead you to a pipe-dream of peach and pineapple. Bursting with exotic buchu and blood orange, this is a real fruity beauty worthy of the monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Or a Princess Peach Shower Jelly, if that's more your jam:

The fresh, mouth watering notes of peach and pineapple create a tropical fruit medley reminiscent of sweet, sandy shores. Make sure you've packed your parasol! Wait, does the Mushroom Kingdom have beaches?

If you like Shower Jellys, there's also a Bowser option:

A cunning combination of cozy cinnamon leaf oil, zingy lime and sweet benzoin work together to create a warming fragrance that could calm even the King of the Koopas. Unleash the power of soothing seaweed to leave your skin feeling soft, cleansed and cared for.

A Question Block Bath Bomb:

It's time to power-up your bathing! Inside each mysterious Question Block is one of six soapy power-ups, each with its own unique blend of fragrance and color to give you a 1-up on bathing and really take it to the next level. Drop your Question Block into a warm bath and unleash your very own super power. What will you reveal? Let's-a go! Power-up your bathing and watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie, only in theaters.

• One of six random soaps are inside each Question Block
• Find a flower, mushroom, coin or star soap, each with a different scent
• Feeling lucky? The star soap is the most rare

If you don't want to go full Bath Bomb, you can also collect a bar of Gold Coin Soap:

The rich, sweet scent of caramel fills this golden soap, which is infused with the scent of our i-coin-ic Honey I Washed The Kids fragrance. Lather your coin up with warm water and rinse away to cash in on cleansing, skin softening suds.

And to top it off, you can get any of these packaged in a Question Box (which presumably can only be opened by headbutting it, or by kicking the shell of a flying duck-turtle into it):

Make them feel like they've hit the jackpot by packing their favorite Lush x Super Mario Bros. products in this iconic Question Block Gift Box. Plus they can re-use as nerdy-chic décor or to keep their bath bombs safe and secure before each bath.

In an interview with The Guardian, however, Melody

Lush does have one product that uses mushroom, Morton tells me – the Full of Grace facial serum – but apparently it's a tricky ingredient.

"We were desperate to put mushrooms in the product, we were all obsessed with the Mushroom Kingdom environment," sighs Morton. "But they're a challenge for skincare, just because of the fungal element – they need a lot of product development … We do love mushrooms, though."