From comedy to drama and everything in between, discover the multifaceted talent of Donald Glover

People love to throw around the term "renaissance man" whenever an artist exhibits even a moderate level of competency in a creative arena outside of their usual field of endeavor. Similar to how the meaning of genius has been diluted through overuse, the modern version of a "renaissance man" is a shadow of the term's original implication. Being a Renaissance man isn't about possessing basic competency in various fields; it's about reaching the apex of proficiency within them, and in the world of Hollywood, Donald Glover might be the best example of the term.

Across his career in entertainment, Donald Glover has gone from a comedy writer and actor to an accomplished genre-bender rapper to a serious dramatic actor and producer. There's really very little the man can't do. In the video linked above, you can listen to Donald Glover talk about his most memorable acting performances.