Disney+'s space people with ambiguous helmet rules go on another cameo-laden fetch quest

This week Episode 6 of The Mandalorian was a lot of fun. Ep6 moved the story along in a huge way and had tons and tons of Baby Yoda being cute bullshit. I think I am supposed to hate this episode because it was yet another fetch quest. This episode is like a meta-fetch quest cause they pay off a multi-season fetch quest arc.

This episode is also one where they seem to have just dropped all pretense and tell us The Mandalorian is now a vehicle for cameos. I loved seeing them all included, and the actors weren't terribly distracting this week. My old callback characters of the week were the droids, tho. Seems we get at least one "celebrity who wants to be in Star Wars" and one old character we miss from another series each week.

I think the story is suffering from Star Wars' internal conflicts over canon and not canon. Star Wars instantly retcons the shit out of anything that gets in today's story's way. Nothing needs to meet logical review as "Somehow Palpatine returned." There is a really weird disparity in the broken helmeted space-person belief system that makes no sense to me at all. The weird cultists are apparently hung up on the wrong Mandalorian hang-up! The "not weird" cultists think it is weird to care about A, but are totally beholden to B.

Maybe this is a "helmeted space-people are flawed just like us" thing.