Fire Captain reads the manual and saves a woman trapped in a rental Tesla

Here a Fire Captain chose the written word over just smashing the window of a Tesla. A woman who ran her rental Tesla dry found out the doors default to locked, and she was trapped. For heat, the woman lit a candle, and for help, she called emergency services. The first responder chose to download and read the manual for the rental Tesla the woman was being held captive within, determined how to emergency release the door, and communicated it to the prisoner.

RTFM, kids.


"I could not make entry, I was kind of at a loss other than taking out glass, to make entry into the vehicle to assist her getting out or getting in to treat her to see if she needed any attention," Captain McPherson said.

However, before he acted, he called the dispatch center and luckily they found a manual for the Type 3 Tesla. With the manual, the captain was able to direct the woman to find the manual release on the driver's seat door under the window. Once out of the car, McPherson brought her over to his vehicle and turned on the heater. 

She was also checked for any injuries, she was not hurt. She told Captain McPherson she was traveling to Ashland in a rental car. 

"She was probably unfamiliar with it and she said she had went past a charging station and I don't know where her point of origin was," McPherson said. "If it was Seattle, or Portland, or Salem I have no clue."

Clearly, the fire captain's job is to help people, he doesn't care where she came from or why she ran out of power. He was there to help and did. Saved her hundreds of dollars by not having to replace that window.