GOP votes to expel anti-gun violence protestor but keeps GOP child molester & chair urinator

Rep. Justin Jones, who is facing expulsion by GOP representatives because he legally protested against gun violence, spoke on the House floor to ask why legal protesting can get you expelled while GOP members who are admitted child molesters, domestic violence assaulters, and urinators upon chairs in the chamber, were not expelled.

Here's TN Constitution Article 2:

Sec 27. Any member of either House of the general Assembly, shall have liberty to dissent from, and protest against, any act or resolve which he may think injurious to the public or to any individual, and to have the reasons for his dissent entered on the journals.

Also not expelled: GOP Sen. Joey Hensley, a doctor who prescribed opioids to his mistress-second-cousin. "According to sworn family court testimony, Hensley carried on an affair with Lori Barber, a part-time nurse in his medical practice and his second cousin. Hensley also allegedly illegally prescribed opioids for Barber," reports Wikipedia.