Police seeking this idiot who captured a wild platypus and showed it off on a train

On Tuesday in Queensland, Australia, surveillance video captured footage of an idiot who seemingly captured a wild platypus and carried it onto a commuter train wrapped in a towel where he tried to impress other passengers. The platypus is listed as a "near threatened" species around the world and it's illegal in Queensland to take one from its natural habitat. From ABC News:

Authorities say the man holding the platypus was "patting it and showing it to fellow commuters" while they made their way toward the town of Caboolture. It is believed the man came across the animal somewhere in the Moreton district of Queensland and that he stole it from its natural environment.

"The animal may become sick, be diseased or die the longer is it out of the wild and should not be fed or introduced to a new environment," Queensland Police said. "It may also have venomous spurs which can cause significant injury to people and animals."

Officials from Queensland Police and Australia's Department of Environment and Science made a joint appeal to the public for the animal's surrender to a veterinarian's office or police station as soon as possible.

image: Queensland Police