Sicko Marjorie Taylor Greene sinks to new low with libelous pedophile accusation against President Biden

Of all the insane theories that unctuous Marjorie Taylor Greene has shared with her mouth-breathing worshippers, this one is the most sickening. She took a portion of a video of President Biden asking a kid for his phone number and tweeted it with the comment, "I'lI say it again: Democrats are the party of pedophiles."

The full video reveals that the boy's father brought him to an event to meet President Biden because the boy, like the President, has a stutter. The President offers words of encouragement and asks for a phone number because he says he works with about 25 stutterers to share techniques to manage stuttering.

The only thing I thought when I watched this video was, "Biden is a cool guy!"

For Greene to call it pedophile behavior is libel. She has no place in the government. Does she have a place anywhere, other than maybe a Munich beer hall, circa 1923?

The good news is that Tyler Cohen's fact-check video now has more views than Greene's.