Stable Trump supporter explains the "3 levels of MAGA" (video)

A red-capped gentleman kindly took time off from his busy day protesting Donald Trump's arrest to explain the "three levels of MAGA." According to the stable genius, there is "MAGA, Ultra MAGA, and Ultra Extreme MAGA."

And the angry mob who showed up at the former one-term, twice-impeached, once-arrested (so far) president's rally are all part of the Ultra Extreme MAGA, while the "weak MAGA people are at home today," explains the expert. "But we're here, supporting Donald Trump just like we do every day."

With all Trumpers sporting the same uniform and spewing the same outrage, it's hard to differentiate between the three branches of MAGAism, but this keen Ultra Extreme MAGA man has learned to spot them but good.

Front page thumbnail image: Jeffery Edwards /