With a new studio, Konami may be ready to make games again

To say that game developer and publisher Konami is much-maligned would be an understatement. It famously fired Hideo Kojima, the mastermind of their popular and lucrative Metal Gear series, rushed a half-finished Metal Gear Solid V out the door, cancelled their next Silent Hill game after just the demo lit the Internet on fire and changed horror games forever, and then withdrew from mainstream gaming altogether–except, of course, to put out pachinko machines based on their beloved franchises.

Now, however, Konami's back into games. It's opened up a new, triple-A, "creators-first" (we'll see) game studio in Osaka, soon to be followed up by an R&D center in Tokyo, and given their employees raises. It's more than likely related to the new Silent Hill projects they've announced, but whether or not their future output serves to help recoup the many, many fans they've driven away remains to be seen.