Get 10TB of cloud storage for a great price

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Back in the day, people had to keep important information or mementos somewhere secure at home, but now, we keep most of our lives encoded in tech. There are so many things we store safely online, whether it's for work or personal reasons: We save videos, images, PDFs, work presentations, documents, and the like on our devices or on a web service — but that isn't always the easiest or most secure way to save it all.

That's where a service like Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage comes in. It's the perfect way to keep all your important files in one secure place. Save any kind of file from any of your devices, and know that you can easily access it from anywhere. Best of all, a subscription to Prism is more affordable than ever: Typically retailing for $2,490, it's currently on sale for $69.97, no coupons needed. You won't find a better price on the web!

(Of course, you'll want to hurry: This sale price is only available through April 11.)

While it's amazing you can easily store and access all of your files regardless of what device you're on, there's plenty more to love about this storage solution. For example, we appreciate that you can preview your files in your browser or via the app without needing to download them. It saves time as well as valuable storage space on your phone, laptop, or iPad!

Another aspect we love? You can easily create shareable links with Prism, making it simpler than ever to share your files with coworkers and loved ones.

Plus, since you're putting all files into Prism (the service has a whopping 10TB storage), it frees up storage space on your devices, too. No more deleting precious photos off your iPhone or agonizing over which apps you can say goodbye to just to fix your storage issues. You know these files are safer than ever, too, as Prism uses the strongest available transfer encryption to keep your information secure.

Verified users agree on Prism's value. "I recommend your service to all my co-workers, it's really user-friendly," one wrote, while another described the storage solution as "easy to download and use." Clearly, it's working for many people!

Change the way you save files online and get a subscription to Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage for only $69.97, now through April 11.

Prices subject to change.