USA Today writer begs Biden to pardon Trump for the good of the country

EJ Montini of USA Today suggests that Biden should channel his inner Gerald Ford and pardon Trump for the good of the nation. In his mind, pardoning someone who was impeached twice and has a number of criminal investigations dogging him is the epitome of national unity.

From USA Today:

Given all that, President Joe Biden should pull a Gerald Ford and pardon Donald Trump. And, yes, I know, a president can't pardon someone for a state crime, only for federal offenses. But Biden can eliminate federal complaints. He can set a tone. He can be, in a way Trump never was, presidential.

The idea of Biden offering a presidential pardon to Trump is nothing short of ludicrous. To Montini, it may appear as a gesture of goodwill, an attempt to unite a deeply divided nation. To others, it's giving Trump a free pass to keep doing what he's done his entire life. To Trump's MAGA fanbase, it's "total exoneration" and reason to attack Biden for being fearful and weak.