Fernando Barbella made Mad Men art in the style of Pixar, and it's oddly adorable

With the announcement of Disney making a live-action Moana with the Rock reprising his role as Maui and the upcoming Lilo & Stitch live-action remake, there's been a lot of conversation about soulless Hollywood adaptations. Despite Disney continuing to pump out live-action remakes of their classic cartoons, the public's reception of each entry has dwindled with every release. However, Disney has a hail-mary play that could actually help salvage its reputation with remakes: make cartoon remakes of their classic live-action movies. 

Imagine how successful a modern-day CGI version of Mary Poppins and Tron would be with Disney's top-of-the-line animation house steering the ship. Hell, why stop at Disney? Why not make cartoon remakes of classic television shows while you're at it? Fernando Barbella created a Pixar version of the show's cast using AI, and it's both beautiful and bizarre.