Watch two adorable dogs FaceTiming each other

Oh, bless their hearts. Meet Rollo (Rottie/Shepherd mix) and Sadie (Husky/Shepherd mix), who are best friends. They met in 2020 when their moms moved into the same house and became fast friends. Rollo and Sadie got to live together for two years, until Rollo moved three hours away. Now they keep in touch via Facetime–in the video you can clearly see that they recognize each other and miss each other dearly. I feel so bad for these sweet pups!

Luckily, they also get together for playdates as often as possible, so they still get to see each other in person, which they clearly love more than seeing each other on the screen. Here they are hanging out together, playing tug of war. And here's an adorable video telling the story of how they came to be friends. To see more of the adorable duo, check out their Instagram!