A 2nd Kentucky shooting kills one and injures another at a college — both in Louisville, hours apart

Less than two miles away and just hours after this morning's Kentucky bank shooting that killed five and injured eight, another gunman (possibly with another suspect) shot and killed one person and injured another. The second shooting occurred outside a building at Jefferson Community & Technical College in Louisville, according to Courier Journal, and the two shootings are thought to be unrelated.

"Let's be clear. This was an evil act of targeted violence," Louisville Mayor Craig Greenburg, clearly angry and frustrated, said today at a press conference. "And to add to that tragedy, a few blocks away shortly after this happened, another man lost his life and a woman was shot in a completely different act of targeted violence. The two incidents appear to be entirely unrelated." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

After the second shooting, two suspects ran off by foot, then jumped into a car and sped away. The suspect in the first shooting was killed. Welcome to America.

Front page thumbnail image: FabrikaSimf / shutterstock.com