Boob jokes about renaming Twitter

Elon Musk has decided to play games with the Twitter headquarters lease in San Francisco. Looking for ways around building signage obligations to service an immature joke, Musk has painted over the "W" on Twitter's sign.

Initially, Musk attempted to cover Twitter's "W" with a tarp. When the building's landlord pointed out that Twitter's lease disallows signage other than the company name, Musk sought to camouflage the W otherwise. I guess this demonstrates the "hardcore" work ethic Musk demands of his employees, he will go to any length for a bad joke.

Good grief.


Longtime Musk watchers are well-aware that the tech billionaire, one of the richest people on Earth, has the humor of a small child. Given that one of his favorite jokes revolves around the word "tits," it came as no surprise when pictures of the Twitter headquarters sign in San Francisco popped up online with the "w" covered with a white tarp. Musk didn't claim responsibility for the sign at the time, but his influence was palpable.

While the new "Titter" sign debuted to praise from Musk fans, Twitter's landlord was not amused. As told by Musk, Twitter's landlord said the company was legally required to keep the name "Twitter" on its sign. The billionaire's solution: Paint the "w" a background color. "Problem solved!" Musk declared on Sunday night.