Indie musician Maggie Rogers sells concert tickets 'like it's 1965,' in-person

Last Friday, indie artist Maggie Rogers gave her fans in various cities the chance to purchase tickets for her summer tour the "old school" way, by standing in line at the box office. She made the announcement for the one-day, in-person sale on social media last Thursday, "fuck bots + fuck fees. come buy a ticket in person."

Come buy a concert ticket like it's 1965. Pre-sale starts tomorrow and we're doing things a little bit differently this time. Over the last few months, there's been a lot of conversation about how intense ticketing fees are and how insane bot activity is, and how tough it is to just get tickets into the hands of fans. A lot of people, including me, are frustrated and concerned and I've been thinking about a way to sort of give people another option. So, we're going old school. Tomorrow, you can go to your local box office and buy a ticket in person. Seems a little obvious but it's a way to get rid of some of the fees and get tickets directly into your hands.

1965?! Did she mean "1995"…? Either way, fans were charmed by the experience of waiting for hours in line, cash in hand, to get paper tickets—especially without the excessive fees. 

Online presale tickets will be available Tuesday, April 11 through a sign-up link.

Some even got to meet Rogers who showed up at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn: