Twitter moves NPR from incorrectly-assigned "state-affiliated" tag to new "government-funded" tag, where it is joined by the BBC

Twitter inaccurately added the "state affiliated media" tag to NPR, which isn't state-affiliated but receives a small portion of its funding from the public. The application of this tag, reserved for media whose editorial content is controlled by governments, was interpreted as retaliation for some published or broadcast slight. Rather than reverse this mistake, Twitter has instead created a new tag, "government-funded media", and put not only NPR but the BBC under it. Hey, at least it's accurate now, if pointless.

In an email exchange with an NPR reporter on Wednesday, Musk appeared to be unaware of how much NPR receives in federal support. After being told support amounts to only 1% of the organization's annual budget, the billionaire wrote: "Well, then we should fix it," in an email to the reporter.

Another entry in the series "Elon impulsively does something wrong and Twitter tries to fix it without directly contradicting his decision." Perhaps they can tag Tesla and SpaceX as government-funded corporations, which they most certainly are.