A 78-year-old woman twice convicted of bank robbery strikes again

Twice convicted of prior bank robberies Bonnie Gooch, 78, presented bank tellers at a Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Goppert Financial Bank with several polite notes demanding the cash and apologizing for scaring them. After fleeing the bank, Gooch was promptly apprehended by Police, who were initially confused by the felon's age.


Prosecutors also allege that Gooch banged on the counter to hurry the teller up, telling them not to count the money and "just give it to her."

Gooch then escaped in a Buick SUV with a handicap registration number, prosecutors said, per the outlet. When police stopped her at a parking lot, they found the cash strewn on the floorboard and noted that the vehicle smelled strongly of alcohol, prosecutors said, per The Kansas City Star.

Pleasant Hill Police Chief Tommy Wright told The Kansas City Star that the case was "unusual" and "sad."

"When officers first approached her, they were kind of confused," he said.

"It's a little old lady who steps out," he added. "We weren't sure initially that we had the right person."