A street corner in Mexico is named after Malcolm X and MLK Jr.

I just got back from an amazing trip to Mexico and while I was there, I came across an interesting street corner up in the hills above Lake Chapala in Jalisco. It's where Malcolm X Drive and Martin Luther King Way (not sure where the "Jr." went) intersect.

I've since learned that in the United States alone there are more than 950 streets named after Martin Luther King Jr. with a growing number of streets named after Malcolm X. Some cities have even been renaming MLK Jr. streets to Malcolm X ones in recent years. It's rare to see the intersection with both civil rights icons together but it happens.

I also learned that streets honoring MLK Jr. can be found in several other countries including Austria, Brazil, and Israel. I only found one country with a street named after Malcolm X, which is Turkey. In a charged 2018 move, they renamed the road to the U.S. embassy after him.

Is this intersection in a fancy new gated community in Mexico the first international instance where the two meet? It very well could be. The community is so new that its street names are not populated on Google Maps yet.