Disneyland's "Magic Key" annual passes are to be offered once again

Since the pandemic, Disneyland's annual pass program has been in flux. Renamed "Magic Key" and subject to massive price increases, the tickets have rarely been available to purchase. There are four pass tiers; each comes with varying park availability, discounts, and parking privileges. Folks who have the keys like to gather on Facebook and in Instagram comments and complain that the magic is gone or share photos of the wonderful times they are having.

Since moving back to Southern California, I am a passholder. Over my 50+ years, I have been to Disneyland hundreds of times, and it is as familiar as my hometown. I spend days walking around the park, sometimes never taking my camera from its bag, knowing it is safe and I can turn off my mind and wander. A safe place to get in 20k steps and never worry about finding a bathroom. I joke, probably a little too much, that my annual pass is cheap therapy.

Disneyland has announced passes will be on sale again, as of 9 am April 11th, until they "Sell Out" again.