Drink buffalo urine instead of cow urine, scientists report

A study by the Indian Veterinary Research Institute shows that fresh cow urine can often harbor dangerous bacteria and you should not drink it. Instead, try buffalo urine, reports epidemiologist Bhoj Raj Singh and colleagues. And ideally, the urine should be distilled. From WIO News:

Reacting to the study, a former director of IVRI, RS Chauhan said that distilled urine is known to fight infections, improve immunity and even defend the body against cancer and Covid. Chauhan says that the recommendation is to consume distilled cow urine.

The study also concluded that in comparison, buffalo urine is much superior and has far better antibacterial activity. 

Bhoj Raj told The Times of India that a statistical analysis of 73 urine samples of cows, buffaloes, and humans found that "antibacterial activity in buffalo urine was far more superior than cows".