Game of Monopoly leads to sword fight

I'd like to think that the reason a sword fight erupted during a game of Monopoly was to relieve its banality. But apparently the dispute began when others intruded upon a loud 5 a.m. session–one of them armed with a katana. La Libre, machine-translated:

This Sunday, April 2, a group of four people – a man and three women – played the famous board game on the public highway. The game and especially the schedule and its place visibly annoyed a local resident. The resident comes out of his house, stick in hand, and a verbal altercation ensues between him and the players. The son of the inhabitant then decides to intervene. He also comes out of the house in his turn, armed with a saber in its holster. "The player tried to grab the katana and removed the holster. The son tried to get it back," explains the Midi police zone.

"How do the Parker Brothers sleep at night?"