Marjorie Taylor Greene brags about how she's changed — as in destroyed — the Republican Party (video)

A puffed up Marjorie Taylor Greene boasts about her part in reshaping the Republican party — aka turning the already broken GOP into a more overtly racist, cultish, dumbed-down party than it was 10 years ago.

"One of my objectives when I came to Washington was to change the Republican party," the Georgia Qongresswoman and former speaker at a white supremacist's event said.

"I was very upset with the Republican party," the Q-nut who fancies herself the GOP boss continued. "Since I've come to Washington I've never backed down on the messaging that I brought, the bills I've introduced … sometimes it's been arguments, it's been confrontation at times, at times it's been explanations and really good conversations." (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

Meanwhile, the Republican-turned-MAGA party is in splintered shambles, with Speaker Kevin McCarthy as Greene's lapdog and three-time stinker Donald Trump as the GOP's leading 2024 candidate. And even Trump's popularity is tanking since his arrest. With Christian Nationalists like Madge in charge, who needs enemies?

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