Stunning 3D animation captures the devastating impact of a hurricane on a beachfront home

The video opens with a picturesque scene: a house situated on a grassy lawn beside a beach. The yard features a flag, outdoor furniture, and an equipment shed. A charcoal barbecue emits a vertical column of smoke, while a wind-speed indicator reads 0 mph. Gradually, the wind increases, gaining one mile per hour every couple of seconds. The flag springs to life, fallen leaves whirl across the lawn, and the column of smoke shifts. It's perfect kite-flying weather — but not for long.

Within moments, the lawn furniture is swept away. As the wind intensifies, the shed is uprooted. With wind speeds nearing hurricane levels, the sole human occupant flees. Roof tiles loosen and the ocean waves surge to alarming heights. Yet, the wind is far from done with the once-idyllic home. Watch this exceptional 3D animation from MetaBall Studios to witness the escalating devastation as the storm progresses from a Category 1 to a Category 5 hurricane.