This highly unusual elephant peels a banana before eating it (video)

Most elephants love bananas, and they eat them whole. But one proboscidean foodie, whose name is Pang Pha, taught herself how to peel a banana — most likely by watching humans at the Berlin Zoo, according to the New York Times. But there's a catch: the banana has to be yellow-brown. Offer her a mushy, overly ripe banana and she'll turn up her trunk, chucking the whole thing aside. Offer her a yellow or green banana, and she'll pop the entire fruit in her mouth, skin and all. It's only the meat inside the brown-speckled yellow banana that she considers a delicacy worth savoring on its own.

Watch her peel away, along with a slo-mo look, in the video below (posted by Science X). For an added bonus, the video ends with an amusing clip where she picks up a banana while she's with friends and tries to wait for them to clear out, but when they don't, she loses her patience and digs in.

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