Tucker Carlson's unexpected self-scolding: "You'll say literally anything; words have no connection to reality"

Tucker Carlson launched a tirade against California Governor Gavin Newsom, which unexpectedly turned into a rare self-scolding. Tucker began with a bizarre insult about Newsom's physical appearance: "This is what happens when everything about you, from your physical features to your very soul, has been altered by cosmetic surgery, just like Joe Biden, but younger."

Seemingly experiencing a moment of self-awareness, he abruptly turns the attack on himself, referring to himself in the third person: "You'll say literally anything; words have no connection to reality. There's no expectation that you're describing something real. You're merely using words as a tool to gain power. That's terrifying. It's dishonest at its core."

Will this moment of self-realization bring about any meaningful change in Carlson? Or will he remain perpetually trapped within the gravitational pull of his own hypocrisy?