Feel the wind in your hair with this half-off e-bike

TL;DR: This sleek BirdBike eBike (A-Frame/Stealth Black) is $999.99 instead of $2299– that's 56% off savings. 

If you've been commuting to the office for a while or are planning to now that the warmer temperatures are just finally starting rise, you might feel the need to give yourself a little treat (or an investment, depending on your mindset) to help chase away those in-office blues. Sure, your office has no direct sunlight and you're not used to seeing your boss at 9AM, 5 days a week, but there's so much you can do to improve the downsides. 

Look no further than the BirdBike eBike (A-Frame/Stealth Black), which makes going anywhere feel like so much more of an adventure. Once you take one ride on this bike, you might become a bit of a gear-addict. No more thinking about subway germs, gridlock traffic, or smelly peers on the bus. Also, no more climate anxiety too. For a limited time, this wonderful bike is on sale. 

You might know Bird for their shared electric scooters, which have dotted many a major metropolitan city. With this innovation, they've gone bigger, and perhaps more classic. This BirdBike incorporates the aspects of a bike you already love, but adds a motor with a max speed of 20MPH. That means you move with this bike.

With an integrated backlit dash display, it's a breeze to keep track of your speed, distance, pedal assist mode, battery life, and more. The battery is removable, so you can charge it off the e-bike, which is convenient for small spaces — it has 36V/12.Ah of power. Did we mention it also has an anti-theft alarm that is ridiculously loud? A life of smooth, sunny, and speedy commutes await you.

Make getting around an adventure with the BirdBike eBike (A-Frame/Stealth Black), which is currently on sale for $999.99. 

Price subject to change.