US intelligence officer's crazy memoir features Havana syndrome, psychic powers, amnesia, and a mysterious Air Force program

I can't wait for this new memoir (and the screen adaptation) by Scott Andrews, a career US soldier and intelligence officer with quite a tale to tell. Apparently, Andrews was doing global counterrorism work when he fell ill with rare and mysterious illnesses before developing psychic powers such as remote viewing. And that's when the real fun begins. From Deadline:

As he sought more information about his health, Andrews came across a file compiled for him by his late father. It contained records from a past he did not remember, including documents indicating he was removed from school for weeks every year, from the first through 12th grades. The records also contained a shocker, that he received an honorable discharge from the U.S Air Force and worked in space intelligence communications as a minor. Andrews maintains he has no memory of having served in the U.S Air Force.

Referred to a classified White House National Security Council program, which had been delegated to the Department of Defense, Andrews then met a man who ran the highly classified program, who introduced him to a doctor. The doctor had worked for the CIA and had expertise enabling him to help Andrews start to piece together what has happened to him and others like him.

Apparently, Andrews was too close to learning the truth as he then began suffering symptoms of Havana syndrome, suggesting a directed energy attack from some advanced weapon.

Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books won the bidding war to publish this creepy, interesting, and real story!