"Anti-woke" Bud Light knockoff is $35 for a six-pack

In recent weeks, conservative activists have thrown an epic tantrum over the fact that Bud Light launched a Pride promotional campaign with a trans influencer because we live in capitalism and it is profitable for companies to launch PR campaigns that make their products appeal to different audiences. Now, a conservative political operative who previously worked on Donald Trump's presidential campaign has launched a Bud Light alternative called "Ultra Right Beer." At $20 per six-pack and roughly $12 in shipping, here's what you get:

America's been drinking beer from a company that doesn't even know which restroom to use.
That's why we made Conservative Dad's ULTRA RIGHT 100% Woke-Free American Beer.
If you know which restroom to use, you know what beer you should be drinking. Stop giving money to companies who hate our values.

100% made in America in Northern Illinois.

Our airy special golden ale blend is currently in production and will ship on approximately 5/11/23.


✅ Water
✅ Hops
✅ Barley
✅ Yeast

ABV 4%
ONLY 110 calories

In other words: it's a Bud Light knockoff that costs more than three times as much as actual Bud Light (a 6-pack of Bud Light 16oz tallboys cost $9.99 at my local packy today; these are only 12oz cans).

Here's a little more about the entrepreneur behind this, courtesy of Paste Magazine:

So, who is this guy? His name is Seth Weathers, a far-right Twitter troll and grifter whose profile proclaims him as the CEO of "Freedom Speaks Up" and founder of "conservativebody.com". He says he's "on a mission to help conservatives unlearn the Gov lies about food, lose weight, & get in shape!" And naturally he's also selling Ultra Right Beer, as doctors everywhere are known for their agreement that nothing helps one lose weight and get in shape quite like beer. Oh, and he also claimed on Twitter EARLIER THIS MONTH that beer "increases estrogen and decreases testosterone," so he doesn't even believe men should be drinking beer in the first place.

Truly, it's a remarkable grift: blame "wokeness" for one of the most basic tenets of your beloved capitalism, and then unabashedly ripoff the suckers who fall for it. Because a $30+ sixer of Bud Light definitely isn't aimed at the hard-workin', salt-of-the-Earth Americans!

Especially if you have to wait at least a month before the beer actually ships (assuming it's not a complete scam, and actually does ship eventually).

To be fair: beer takes a while to make, because it has to ferment. And four weeks isn't totally unreasonable for a mass-produced light lager — although it is curious that no actual R&D has gone into this beer, given that timeline. But what really caught my eye was that vague detail that the beer is being brewed in "Northern Illinois." Given the right-wing media push over this beer, one would assume that Weather and co are expecting a large number of sales. In order to satisfy that demand, you're going to need to contract with a large brewery. A small local craft brewery just wouldn't be able to compete. And what's the biggest option for beer-making facilities in Northern Illinois? I'm pretty sure it's Goose Island … which is owned by Anheuser-Busch and InBev. Oops.

(Note: I'm not linking to the promo video for this beer, or the actual company website, because I don't want to feed their PR game anymore. It's out there; it's easy to find, if you want it. But I wouldn't recommend it.)