Chris Tucker takes a look at his most memorable roles with GQ

The 90s were positively stuffed to the brim with talented Black comedians. In the immediate aftermath of Eddie Murphy's run as the top stand-up and movie star, Hollywood instantly sought to replicate the formula and found tremendous success with tons of charismatic Black comedians. From Jamie Foxx and The Wayans Brothers to Eddie Griffin and Martin Lawerence, Black excellence was always on the menu in the field of comedic endeavor. However, one could argue that Chris Tucker might be the most successful Black comedic actor of the 90s.

While, for example, his contemporary Jamie Foxx, one of the most talented men to ever live, saw his career begin to truly bear fruit in the 2000s, Tucker still had two of the 90s most iconic crossover comedy franchises on his resume. In the video linked above, you can watch Tucker sit down with GQ to look back at some of the most memorable performances of his career.