New York City appoints first-ever 'rat czar'

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has tapped Kathleen Corradi to deal with New York City's massive rodent problem. As the city's first-ever "rat czar," she's been tasked with reducing the rat population and making the city a cleaner, more welcoming place. The Adams administration is also investing $3.5 million in the new Harlem Rat Mitigation Zone, aiming to accelerate rat reduction efforts across Harlem.

New York City has done a lot recently when it comes to fighting public enemy number one: rats. But it was clear we needed someone solely focused on leading our rat reduction efforts across all five boroughs, and today I'm proud to announce Kathy Corradi as New York City's first-ever 'rat czar,'" said Mayor Adams. "Kathy has the knowledge, drive, experience, and energy to send rats packing and create a cleaner more welcoming city for all New Yorkers. Beginning with this $3.5 million investment toward rodent mitigation in Harlem, Kathy will take the lead on our multi-agency effort to test new mitigation techniques, expand outreach and education efforts, and increase maintenance and remediation work. The rats are going to hate Kathy, but we're excited to have her leading this important effort."