Schwarzenegger mistakenly filled gas trench, not pothole

It turns out the Brentwood, California "pothole" that Arnold Schwarzenegger filled with concrete earlier this week was not a pothole. It was a permitted service trench being used by SoCal Gas, according to a spokesperson for the City of LA.

"This location is not a pothole," a spokesperson told NBCLA. "It's a service trench that relates to active, permitted work being performed at the location by SoCal Gas, who expects the work to be completed by the end of May. As is the case with similar projects impacting City streets, SoCal Gas will be required to repair the area once their work is completed."

Pothole, shmothole. The fact remains that the large hole had been dug in January and the temporary paving had eroded.

From The Los Angeles Times:

SoCalGas crews completed an upgrade on a pipeline at the end of January and "applied temporary paving over the excavation," the utility company said in a statement.

Typically, SoCalGas applies permanent paving within about 30 days of the project completion, but the schedule was delayed due to the rain, according to the statement, which said paving should be complete by the end of the week.

NBCLA reached out to The Department of Public Works asking whether the trench Schwarzenegger filled had been scheduled for repair. So far, it has not received a response.