Suspect arrested in stabbing death of tech exec, and it's someone he knew

Last week, tech executive Bob Lee—creator of Cash App, former CTO at Square (now Block), and chief product officer at MobileCoin—was stabbed to death in San Francisco in the middle of the night. San Francisco police have now arrested a suspect, an IT professional named Nima Momeni who apparently Lee knew and with whom he was riding around before the stabbing. From Mission Local:

Some manner of confrontation allegedly commenced while both men were in the vehicle, and potentially continued after Lee exited the car. Police allege that Momeni stabbed Lee multiple times with a knife that was recovered not far from the spot on the 300 block of Main Street to which officers initially responded. 

This scenario would explain, in part, why Lee was walking through a portion of Main Street in which there is little to no foot traffic at 2:30 a.m. That was one of several incongruous circumstances surrounding Lee's violent death, which law-enforcement sources, from the get-go felt made it far from a straightforward or random crime. 

Nevertheless, some of Lee's fellow tech luminaries and a chorus of other influential voices portrayed this killing as part and parcel of a city awash in violent crime and on a descent into further chaos.