Thieves stole $100,000 in dimes off a truck in a Walmart parking lot

A truck driver picked up a load from the Philadelphia Mint yesterday that were meant for delivery to Florida. Needing a rest before the trip, the driver parked his truck in Walmart lot and went home for some sleep. Unfortunately when he returned this morning, the trailer door was open and massive amounts of dimes were strewn throughout the parking lot. Apparently, the trailer had been loaded with $750,000 in dimes and the thieves managed to abscond with around one million of them, totaling approximately $100,000. I hope if someone asks the crooks if they can spare one, they answer in the affirmative.

From ABC6:

"They were trying to cross-load the dimes into other things. There are dimes all over the parking lot," said Capt. Jack Ryan of Northeast Detectives.

It's not known if the thief or thieves knew what was inside. Northeast Detectives say it's not unusual for thieves to break into trailers just to see what they can find.

There are cameras in the parking lot and investigators are working on a suspect description.

Sources tell Action News that SWAT officers were called to the scene to help block entrances.

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