Trump's Cohen lawsuit contradicts his Stormy Daniels defense

The Orange Menace has never cared much for the truth as a factual reporting of things that were and instead considers "truth" to be whatever serves him at the moment or it is the name of his crappy social network. As in all things, Trump's lawsuit intimidating the NYDA's star witness, and Trump's former fixer, Michael Cohen tells one story while his lawyers' apparent defense against the still undisclosed indictment contradicts it.

Stabile Genius.

Raw Story:

"It's an interesting case here because, on the one hand, he's saying everything is false, right?" said Agnifilo. "So if he was breaching attorney-client privilege, you're doing that by telling things that were said to you in confidence. But so, is he saying things that Michael Cohen is saying are true because I told him in confidence, and now he's breached that privilege? Or is he saying that the things are false? Because if they're false, why didn't he bring a defamation claim? So it kind of makes no sense.

"It really reads to me like he's just trying to put his defense in the criminal case out and try and get his statements out there in the court of public opinion."

She added: "I also think it's worth noting that there is a little bit of witness intimidation going on here as well. And he's just using the court system like he seems to want to do, by going after his foes and adversaries."