Brent Spiner talks about his early days as Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation

What Star Trek fan wouldn't love to be a fly on the wall when the writers and producers of Star Trek: The Next Generation realized the depths of Brent Spiner's talents? Although TNG is replete with impossibly talented actors, Brent Spiner's turn as Data is arguably the most impressive acting showcase in the entire series. As Spiner settled into the character, fans of Next Generation got a chance to watch the actor play an evil Data doppelganger, Data as Sherlock Holmes, Data as Jerry Lewis, Data as a ruthless Western rogue, and even Data's creator as his own creator, Dr. Noonian Soong. Hell, he even played three characters in one episode where he essentially talked to himself for 30 minutes. 

In the video linked above, Spiner sits with Micahel Rosenbaum on the Inside of You Podcast to discuss his early brushes with anxiety associated with playing everyone's favorite android with a heart of gold, Data.