Mike Pence greets an NRA crowd that boos right back (video)

Former Trump-sycophant Mike Pence tried to sound peppy as he addressed MAGA folk at the NRA convention today in his own home state of Indiana. "Why hello NRA!" he said with forced enthusiasm.

To which the unforgiving crowd — still sore at the ex-VP for refusing to overturn the 2020 election results — replied with nothing but boos. Great relief finally rescued the awkward moment when one single voice in the audience shouted, "I love you, Mike."

"I love you, too," a wooden yet grateful Pence quickly responded. (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

With the MAGA base running the show, Pence — like DeSantis — has zero chance of winning in the primaries against Trump, while the arrested former president will have no chance in the general election. How Republicans can ever manage to take 2024 with polarizing Trump in the way is one of life's great conundrums.

Front page thumbnail image: C-SPAN