Pregnant shoplifting suspect shot by Walgreens staffer

A pregnant woman suspected of shoplifting at Walgreens was pursued to her car by a staff member. She, or another person with her, sprayed him with mace. He pulled a gun and shot her. She's in critical condition, and her baby was extracted via c-section.

Both Ferguson and her baby are in critical but stable condition, says Metro police. Boyd cooperated with detectives during the investigation. Investigators seized his gun used in the shooting and have taken possession of his cell phone. Detectives will share the results of their investigation with the District Attorney's office to determine if Boyd will face charges.

A fractal of terrible American things. The poverty, the social breakdown, the likely-unplanned pregnancy, the shoplifting, the amateur law enforcer, the pursuit, the mace, the gun, the shooting, the bill for that c-section.