"Suspicious buses" attempting to pick up children in Virginia

In Fairfax County, Virginia, police are investigating two incidents when drivers of "suspicious" buses attempted to pick up elementary school children. In one case, a citizen attempted to talk with the driver of a white bus but he shut the door and drove away. In another, the driver of a yellow bus pulled up to a stop and encouraged kids to come aboard. Fairfax County Police have since identified one of the drivers, tweeting that "the bus was there for another pick up and no criminal activity suspected."

They are still looking for the driver of the other bus.

From WTOP:

"There could be a very plausible explanation as to why these buses were in that area," said Lt. Jim Curry, a Fairfax County police spokesman. "It could be a complete misunderstanding. But we can't take that chance … We need to investigate, we need to figure out exactly why those buses were there."

In the meantime, police patrolled the area near the two bus stops Thursday afternoon and even monitored the area with help from a helicopter[…]

"Just in case a school bus shows up looking for kids, we're hopeful that they'll find our cops instead," Curry said.