The story of Malibu Comics and The Ultraverse

In the 90s, comic books arguably reached the apex of their relevance in pop culture. Some would contest that with the rise of the Marvel cinematic universe and the success of shows like The Walking Dead, comic books are hotter than ever in the present, including in the 90s. However, despite intellectual properties based on comics becoming the focal point of media, American comic books themselves are in pretty rough shape.

During the 90s, comic books were so unbelievably hot that the decade saw a slew of new and emerging companies that were all vying for the spotlight. Out of the battle royale, Image Comics walked away victorious, but there were several other contenders that could've earned the proverbial "W." In the video linked above, you can check out a video essay from the YouTube channel Strange Brain Parts that explains the rise and fall of Malibu Comics and their uber-90s comic line, The Ultraverse.