Can you carry a 75-inch TV set home on a unicycle?

You've probably seen the videos of consumers trying to fit a large electronics purchase, often a large TV screen, into a vehicle not designed for a large TV screen. You know, that exercise from kindergarten where you put the triangle in the space for the triangle, the square in the square opening, and so on.

In this Instagram video, the consumer (who might be an actor) who purchased the 75-inch Samsung Crystal UHD does not have a truck, car, or even a combustion engine vehicle to transport the humungous purchase. Their choice of transportation is a unicycle.

I guess where "there is a wheel, there is a way."

The comments reveal that perhaps these are staged videos. Who would do that? An illusionist, perhaps. Maybe Justin Flon?

Either way, a staged illusion or not, Jordan Flon (Justin's brother) demonstrates how the weight of the TV (though the box may be empty, as one commenter pointed out) and the mass of the consumer makes for one tired bike.

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